Textile size charts

Size table shirts ( all colors except crimson doom and alpenglow ):

Size table shirts (crimson doom, alpenglow):

Size chart hoodies ( all colors except crimson doom and eternal red ):

Size Chart Hoodie (crimson doom and eternal red):

Size table board shorts:

Note on the measurements / waistband: "width" of the waistband when the board shorts are lying flat, so you measure the "width" at the waistband of your shorts for comparison and compare this with the values ​​in the table. Measures in cm.

Comparative size: 1.78 m tall with a regular "jeans size" 32/32 wears a size L. There is still enough flexibility for eg a 34 or 36 because the waistband is flexible.

Size table Woobie Jacket reversible:

Size chart Woobie Hoodies reversible: